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The small-sized CNC lathe M-ROBO TS-200 is an industrial equipment designed for processing cylindrical, conical and spherical surfaces, ends, grooves and chamfers, cutting various types of cylindrical and conical threads of non-ferrous metals and their alloys in mass production.


The M-ROBO TS-200 machine provides high precision and processing quality through the use of guides, ball screw gears and high-precision servo motors. At the same time, its protective cabinet fence ensures the safe operation of the operator.


A special feature of this machine is its compactness and convenience when working in a confined space. The service area is only 2 m2 and is carried out on both sides, which allows you to install the machine near the wall.


To ensure operator comfort and ease of operation, various additional functions are built into the machine. On the front side there is a drawer that serves as a hopper for collecting chips. In addition, there is a cooling system for the instrument in the cabinet, and the electric cabinet has a degree of protection of IP65.


The small-sized CNC lathe M-ROBO TS-200 with cabinet fencing is a reliable and convenient equipment, ideal for performing serial operations for processing various materials with high precision and quality.


1. High-speed processing of non-ferrous metals and their alloys

2. Accuracy less than 0.01mm

3. Travel speed up to 15 m/min

4. Automatic revolver head

5. High-precision servomotors

6. Precision guides and ball screw gears

7. Service area of less than 2 m2 on both sides

8. Ergonomic appearance

9. Intuitive interface in Russian


Overall dimensions

Technical specifications

  • Maximum processing diameter above the bed: 200 mm;
  • Maximum processing length: 300 mm;
  • The distance between the centers: 350 mm;
  • Cartridge: three-cam with a diameter of 160 mm; 
  • Diameter of the spindle bore: 40 mm;
  • Spindle speed range: 3500 rpm;
  • Automatic revolver head for 4 tool positions;
  • Tool size: 16x16 mm;
  • Transverse displacement (X-axis): 250 mm;
  • Longitudinal displacement (Z axis): 320 mm;
  • Main drive motor power (C-axis): 2.0 kW;
  • Tailstock pinole cone: MK-2;
  • Tailstock pinole stroke: 60 mm;
  • Sensors on the axes: limit induction switches;
  • The type of transmission along the axes: Hiwin ball screw pair;
  • Type of drives on XZ axes: AC servo motor;
  • XZ axis positioning accuracy: 0.01mm by 300 mm;
  • Repeatability of axis positioning: 0.052 mm by 300 mm;
  • The discreteness of the displacement task (the minimum displacement that can be set in the control program): 0.001 mm;
  • Maximum travel speed: 5 m/min;
  • CNC system: on the meringue of the PUMOTIX PX1 controller;
  • Management Interface: a personal computer running Windows;
  • Machine control program: Mach3 (Russian);
  • Computer interface: USB;
  • Supported file formats: G-Code, M-Code (ISO);
  • Supply voltage: 380 V, 50 Hz;
  • Power consumption: 3.5 kW;
  • Overall dimensions of the DShV: 1200x1350x1800 mm;
  • The weight of the machine is 750 kg.

Warranty and service

The warranty for M-ROBO ENGINEERING machines is 2 years from the date of commissioning.


During this period, the manufacturer guarantees the elimination of all identified or encountered problems during operation at its own expense, unless these problems were caused as a result of erroneous or incorrect actions of the operating personnel and non-compliance with the technical requirements for this type of equipment.


M-ROBO ENGINEERING has an equipped service team, which consists of engineers with extensive experience in servicing CNC metalworking machines. The presence of a service center in Ufa is an essential condition for ensuring prompt response and high-level service, both during the warranty and post-warranty period.


Consultations on the choice of equipment, its accessories, and installation conditions are carried out free of charge. On a contractual basis, we provide the following types of services: delivery, installation supervision, installation, commissioning, commissioning of equipment, training of specialists to work on the machine, preparation of control programs, periodic maintenance of machines in the post-warranty period.

Declaration of Conformity

The equipment is manufactured under the registered trademark MROBO.


All models of manufactured machines are declared to comply with the uniform requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union.


The equipment is designed and manufactured in accordance with the safety requirements for this type of machinery and equipment.


TU 28.41.22-001-96439670-2023 Milling and metal cutting machines

Registration number of the declaration of conformity: UES N RU D-RU.RA06.V.38467/23. Date of registration of the declaration of conformity: 17.08.2023